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Access data from every hour, for the past 10 years, or take a look at what was happening yesterday. Traffic Insights data is ideal for establishing baselines and running evaluation schemes as well as providing up to date and accurate data for vehicle speeds, flow and congestion.

Interested in vehicle speeds?

CrashMap does some things! Wow!

Using Crashmap is really simple, and it'll show you all of the crashes on a map and there are lots of interesting tools and filters and reports and stuff.

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Try the demo

View a full interactive demo version of CrashMap Pro for Slough.

The data included in this demo version is the 2016 collision and casualties as released by the Department for Transport

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about CrashMap Pro or its data that isn't answered in the FAQs below, please contact us to discuss your data needs.
1How far does the data go back?
There are 10 years worth of data included in CrashMap Pro. The most current will always be following the release from the DfT.
2Can I import my own data?
With CrashMap Local, we create a special version to include local data imports, which are updated quarterly.
3What are the terms and conditions?
You can find the full terms and conditions here:

Subscription pricing

Pricing for Crashmap is based on a 12 month subscription for a single user. Additional users can be added for access.


12 months


Investigate a short stretch of road in a neighbourhood, or monitor impact of roadworks

  • One user license
Additional User

Per user


Ideal for analysing vehicle data in villages and low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNS)

  • Single Report