Route Risk Analysis

Analysing High Risk Roads

Full UK road coverage available

Three types of analysis provided for routes and hot-spots

Comprehensive metrics supplied for 5 years' of data

Can be used alongside other analytical solutions

Used for prioritising road safety investments for local authorities

National maps suitable for monitoring risk for fleets and telematics solutions

Standard Items Included

  • Bespoke road network powered by Ordnance Survey data
  • 100% network coverage by road classification from motorways down to unclassified and residential roads
  • Most recent 5 years of road collision data
  • Matched road traffic information for most recent year
  • Full range of analytical measures
  • Data provided in a GIS shapefile for use in local analysis systems
  • Perpetual licence for use within your organisation


  • Free inclusion within CrashMap Pro 'Local'
  • Bespoke online mapping tools and dashboards to suit your requirements
  • Publication options
  • Analytical support and custom data imports

Agilysis have been supplying local roads collision analysis for a number of years with customers from local authorities as well as large fleets. Our methodologies have been honed by constant conversations with end users and an increased use of cutting-edge technology. We have advanced our methods sufficiently to be able to provide a large quantity of analysis for the whole of GB, or individual areas.

Our data is regularly updated and comes form reliable sources, and we are also able to incorportate custom data supplied by clients subject to negotiation.

Network Properties

  • Supplied as a GIS file
  • Plotted on a bespoke Agilysis road network covering all classified roads and suitable for analysis and visualisation
  • Routes comprise separate road sections including major intersections for separate analysis
  • Uses most recent 5 year’s crash data (currently 2015 – 2019)
  • Traffic count points from official sources

Metrics per link

  • Total crashes
  • Road length
  • Road class (M, A, B, unclassified)
  • Rurality (urban / rural)
  • Crash density (collisions per km)
  • Risk index (density) by road class and rurality
  • Crash rate (collisions per million vehicle miles)*
  • Risk index (rate) by road class and rurality*
  • Crash counts for individual road user groups (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, goods vehicles)
*For roads with traffic count points. Agilysis customers using our modelled traffic flow product can contact us to request a more comprehensive analysis


As a separate layer, Agilysis will also provide a list of the top 50 collision hotspots per area* ranked according to our weighted serverity criteria. These maps highlight specific sections along routes where crash density is highest.
  • Bespoke options available for vehicle and road user types
  • Road environment factors e.g. weather also available depending on client requirements
  • Multiple uses for scheme prioritisation (local authorities), enforcement locations (police), route planning (fleet management), driver warnings (OEM, apps)
*Local authorities and police forces only, not national

Product Manager

Lyndsey Owen

Analytics Manager

01295 731811


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