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Our experienced team have been working together on innovative projects for over a decade.

Our Purpose

At Agilysis we have the ambition to transform lives through safer and healthier communities.

As both researchers and practitioners in social marketing we are in a perfect position to act as translators for our clients.

We are absolutely focussed on understanding ‘what works’, using evidence from all available data sources, as well as published research. We also understand the practical requirements of those delivering training, campaigns and public relations exercises.

Our principles are therefore directed towards ensuring that realistic, effective interventions can deliver outputs and outcomes for clients.

Agilysis was setup by an experienced team with a background in transport safety. Through our work with Road Safety Analysis (an associated company, see below) all of us gained an incredible amount of experience in areas of analytics, networks, data visualisation, evaluation, intervention design, and behaviour change.

As we began to work across multiple sectors and disciplines it became clear that our combined knowledge and skills would prove valuable to a wider market and the decision was made to create Agilysis to service a growing client base.

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Our Success

Our Heritage

We may be a new name but we have been working together on ground-breaking projects for over a decade

Associated Companies

Although Agilysis only formed in 2017 the team have been together for a long time (around 14 years previously). Our shared history and associated companies provides great strength and experience.

Agilysis is the lead delivery vehicle to products and services, especially when it comes to research, evaluation, reporting and analytics. Our focus is not limited to a narrow sector and we are growing our expertise in public health, transport, and behaviour change

Founded in 2010 to carry forward the DfT funded MAST Online project, Road Safety Analysis (RSA) has become a market leader in supplying innovative, creative and competitive services to the road safety sector. Built on the principles of social enterprise, RSA has developed and delivered a range of road safety services that are evidence based and highly cost effective.

From April 2017 RSA will focus on its original aims of providing high-quality analysis tools to the UK road safety sector, as well as promoting best practice in the field both at home and around the world.

Principally known for the award-winning www.crashmap.co.uk website, Insight Warehouse provides transport data services to clients from multiple sectors. From members of the public and concerned community groups to independent transport planners local authorities, hundreds of thousands of people use the site every year.

Insight Warehouse has also lead the development of a new, national map of UK speed limits which is network-independent, and also provided risk modelling solutions for the insurance industry with a focus on telematics providers.

Our Team

Dan Campsall


01295 731812

Having dedicated over a decade to road safety, Dan has been involved in leading a number of pioneering and critically acclaimed initiatives such as MAST online, CrashMap.co.uk and Safer Roads Berkshire all of which have gone on to win major awards. Dan also does a good deal of training, public speaking and is often used as a commentator by various media networks.

Dan has a background in marketing and communications who has overseen many of RSA’s campaigns; a portfolio of initiatives that embraces everything from car seat safety and child pedestrian training to young drivers and motorcyclists.

In addition to his role in Agilysis, Dan supports the work of PACTS (www.pacts.org.uk) and is a member of the RoadSafe (www.roadsafe.com)

Richard Owen


01295 731815

Over a decade of road safety management experience in the public and private sector

Specialist in data analysis and visualisation

An expert in enforcement management and UK road legislation

Proven ability to lead large multi-agency partnerships, achieving consensus and progressing the joint aims of diverse agencies.

Excellent verbal and written communications skills with substantial experience of working with the media.

Tanya Fosdick

Research Director

01295 731813

Background in research, working in road safety analysis for the last twelve years.

Specialises in the provision of in-depth research, data management and evaluation design and implementation.

Advises on the incorporation of appropriate behaviour change models and behaviour change techniques in intervention design.

Outstanding communication skills, demonstrated through the production of high-quality written reports; paper presentations; and training delivery.

Has been involved in a number of high profile projects including E-Valu-It; research into rural young drivers and adult pedestrians; and evaluation of a variety of local and national road safety schemes, including multiple young driver campaigns, a longitudinal study of national BikeSafe, and a large scale evaluation of IAM Roadsmart.

Karla Batchelor

Finance Director

01295 731817

Highly experienced financial analyst
Leads on HR and pensions regulation
ISO 9001 compliance coordinator
Health & Safety assistant
Environmental management role

Karla is a knowledgeable finance manager with significant experience in both public and private sectors and over 12 years working in Road Safety.

Working with the board Karla is involved in business planning and development decisions, she incorporates both financial and management accounting skills to help develop the financial strategies that allow Agilysis to meet client needs in a responsive and scalable way. She is also the lead on HR, pension regulations, ISO certification, employment standards and compliance.

Bruce Walton

Technical Director

01295 731818

An insightful data professional with substantial experience of developing and applying analytical techniques in numerous contexts, Bruce brought these skills into the road safety sphere over 20 years ago. Since his appointment as project manager for the multi award-winning MAST Online project, Bruce has become widely recognised as a leading expert on road casualty data, contributory factor analysis, resident risk, analytical architecture, and enforcement data management.

Bruce works closely with organisations such as the UK Department for Transport, National Highways, Transport Scotland, and Transport for London as well as providing consultancy for international projects on data architecture and reporting. Bruce is also a member of the government’s Standing Committee for Road Injury Collision Statistics (SCRICS) in the UK.

As well as his substantial technical skill base, Bruce is also an experienced and effective conference speaker and technical trainer.

Lyndsey Owen

Analytics Manager

01295 731811

Lyndsey has a background in social care and health infomatics spending over a decade working for local authorities and the NHS. She is highly experienced in working with clients to create timely reporting outputs and designing robust process maps.

Her role in Agilysis is to manage our more routine analytical outputs, including Area Profiles and Insight Studies, and to assist in quality assurance for all of the companies work.

Martin Taylor

Sales Manager

01295 731827

As our Sales Manager, Martin is motivated in delivering a first class service to achieve customer excellence with all his clients. He has extensive experience in all areas of sales, account management, business development and customer service.

Martin is incredibly Customer orientated with a focus on moving each of our client relationships beyond just transactional sales to highly valued and trusted partners, that benefit us all.

Steve Ferris

Marketing Manager

01295 731816

Steve is an accomplished Marketer and brand champion at Agilysis, playing a pivotal role in promoting Agilysis through a diverse range of marketing activities. His commitment to staying at the forefront of industry helps drive the continuous innovation of the Agilysis community.

With over a decade of experience working within the sector as a creative thinker, Steve likes to keep his finger on the pulse of Transport, listening carefully to our clients so that we can continue to excel in the services we provide.

Steve has a proven track record in both programme management and marketing, his multifaceted experience also includes events management and delivery, intervention design, and social marketing.

Suzanne Coles

Senior Analyst

01295 731811

Suzanne has an MSc in Transport Planning & Engineering and has completed the RoSPA Road Safety Engineering course.

With a background in Local Government, she has a wealth of experience in delivering traffic management & road safety engineering schemes so brings a new area of expertise to the team.

Suzanne has joined Agilysis as Data Analyst to contribute to the delivery of analytical outputs, including Area Profiles and Insight Studies.

Olivia Keane

Administrative Assistant

01295 731811

Olivia is often the first point of contact for customers at Agilysis. Typically, she monitors the email inboxes and keeps excellent records to guarantee that the wheels keep turning.

As the administrative assistant she works across all areas of the business taking charge of ensuring everything in the office runs smoothly.

Olivia takes the lead on our customer service making sure to resolve any customer queries, regularly checking in with them for feedback to help improve our products and services.

Samuel Scott


01295 731811

Samuel is a researcher at Agilysis with a variety of responsibilities covering research and evaluation, policy analysis and strategy development and has worked with many different organisations to help deliver Agilysis' core research services to clients both in the UK and internationally. He is particularly interested in the interaction between policy, behaviour change and the Safe System to inform robust intervention design and appraisal, as well as strategies to deliver safe and healthy communities for all and to tackle socio-economic disparities in transport.

Samuel has a BA and MA in history, grounded in social research methods as well as synthesising evidence and translating complex information into concise analytical outputs. Samuel’s role sits within the Research Team and involves supporting other areas of Agilysis’ growing portfolio.

Caroline Land

Executive Administrator

01295 731814

Caroline facilitates the work of the Executive and Management Teams at Agilysis, ensuring the smooth running of the business.

As well as organising and coordinating diaries, inboxes, travel logistics, meeting arrangements and implementing general administration tasks on behalf of the directors and management, Caroline also handles HR, company certification systems and general office maintenance.

With a strong background in events management, Caroline is an extremely organised, focused team player who always works with a high level of discretion and confidentiality, whilst bringing a great deal of fun and positivity to the company.

Doina Ceban

Finance Assistant

01295 731817

Doina joins us from a finance background within the public sector. At Agilysis, she is a key part of the Finance Team and is responsible for the day-to-day financial administration of the business. She supports the company by administering many of the internal systems and ensuring that financial communication flows between internal and external stakeholders.

Doina is also involved in infrastructure and office system maintenance.

Drishti Khatri


01295 731811

Drishti joins us from a Behavioural Science and Economics background. At Agilysis, she wears multiple hats, transitioning between roles to evaluate intervention effectiveness, craft strategic approaches, and comprehensive research initiatives.

She is interested in using her behavioural lens to develop effective interventions to derive sustainable behaviour change and foster growth of communities. Through her experience in the Learning and Development industry, she aids in translating complex concepts into insights understandable by a variety of stakeholders

Paul Eames

GIS Analyst

01295 731811

Paul is a qualified GIS professional with a BSc Hons in Geographic Information Systems and a Post Graduate Diploma in Cartography and has over 15 years’ experience of GIS and cartography gained through work in Civil Engineering, Utilities, Government and Cartographic Publishing.

Paul is involved in the preparation, analysis and visualisation of Road Safety related data using ArcGIS and the development of Web based GIS solutions using ArcGIS Online.

Muhammad Osama Khan

Data Engineer

01295 731811

Osama brings a strong background in data science and engineering to Agilysis. With a degree in Computer engineering, he excels in utilizing SQL, Python, and R to extract, transform, and analyse complex datasets.

His focus at Agilysis is optimising data workflows, building robust spatial data infrastructure, and delivering innovative solutions to improve the service which we provide to our clients.

Specialising in spatial databases, particularly PostgreSQL with PostGIS, Osama is proficient in spatial analysis, mapping, and visualisation tools like QGIS and ArcGIS, and is skilled at deriving actionable insights from geospatial data.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Osama is passionate about exploring emerging technologies and advocating for the ethical use of data for societal benefit.