Systematic investigation to unlock new insight

Specialist areas

We are able to offer a number of different research services for different sectors across the globe using our specialist knowledge.

Primary Research

Unique and current insight by collecting and analysing original data from the source.

Secondary Research

Analysing and Interpreting existing data from multiple sources

Data collection

Determining the right kind of method of data collection to suit the project and provide the best insight.

Focus Groups

Exploring themes amongst a target group to provide insight into a specific issue.

Did you know we also do evaluation?

Primary or Secondary?

Agilysis excels in primary research, engaging directly with original data collection methods like surveys, interviews, and observations. This approach yields first-hand, tailored insights specific to our clients' needs. The agility to design and implement custom research allows us to unearth unique perspectives and address specific challenges in real-time.

In secondary research, Agilysis harnesses existing data and information from authoritative sources, maximizing the wealth of knowledge available. We meticulously analyse reports, articles, and databases, drawing on a broad spectrum of insights to complement and enrich our understanding. This method is invaluable for context, background, and broad industry trends, providing a comprehensive foundation for strategic decision-making.

Client success stories

Agilysis has a strong team with a range of research skills, from data collection through to synthesis writing. Our experts work with clients to ensure that the most appropriate design and methods are employed. This provides a high degree of flexibility and means that evaluations can be tailored to the scheme’s needs.

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