Site Selection Tool

Analysing High Risk Roads

The online system takes road network layer, such as the custom Agilysis Road Network supplied with our RiskMap product, and then proceeds to match the most recent collision data supplied by the local analyst. Matching takes place based on road number to ensure more accurate results for classified roads, while unclassified roads are matched based on proximity.

Each potential site is ranked and users can re-run the analysis using varying criteria to see which are the best fit for their requirements.
Agilysis have been supplying local roads collision analysis for a number of years with customers from local authorities as well as large fleets. Our methodologies have been honed by constant conversations with end users and an increased use of cutting-edge technology. We have advanced our methods sufficiently to be able to provide a large quantity of analysis for the whole of GB, or individual areas.


  • Accepts any collision data format from existing collision analysis systems, or CrashMap
  • Pro Pre-filter before exporting to target specific user groups or collision circumstances
  • Supplied with a road network layer for your police force or local authority
  • Online access via a web browser leverages our high-powered cloud infrastructure to process results in minutes
  • Customisable ranking system based on collision severity
  • Option prioritisation for collision involving vulnerable road users
  • Increased accuracy in collision processing with customisable proximity and optional road number matching
  • Analyse sites from 50m up to 2km
  • Results displayed online with interactive ranking selection
  • Selected sites available for download and archive