Speed Compliance Tool

Analysing speed compliance on local roads

A powerful yet easy-to-use solution providing access to information about speed limits and average speeds on roads across Great Britain, set-up to focus on your local area. A vital tool for triaging your network to identify locations where problematic traffic speeds might need to be addressed through additional engineering and enforcement measures. The online dashboard is priced on a per-user basis or included within an ACUITY package.

Enhancing Road Safety with Speed Data

The data is sourced from 135 thousand vehicles which provide GPS data tracks every 10th of a second. This raw data is processed to provide average speeds for the OS Highways network layer resulting in 14 billion vehicle tracks. When used in association with the speed limit data it allows users to quickly identify non-compliance hotspots. We offer an advanced 'Plus' version which includes additional speed metrics plus modelled daily flow for every road.

Speed Data Benefits

The information is useful for local authorities and police forces who want to understand more about how vehicles are travelling on their network, without having to commission individual speed surveys, or need to assess speeding complaints from members of the public. Users can see average vehicle speeds in seconds to make judgements on the appropriate next steps, whether that is a simple response stating that there is no significant issue, a requirement for further investigation, or escalation as a part of a speed management strategy.

User-Friendly Speed Dashboards

Customers access the data through an easy-to-use interface built by Agilysis’ geospatial experts and presented on the powerful ArcGIS Online platform by Esri. Each dashboard shows speed limits for individual road segments based on the OS MasterMap Highways network, with six extra values supplied for average vehicles speeds at different times of the day and week. Coverage is widespread for the vast majority of roads and the interactive tools allow users to select multiple roads based on road number, speed limit, form of way, or via manual selection.