Proven and scalable data collection

Data is collected using satellite imagery that is analysed using AI to detect vehicles and their speeds, on even the remotest of roads, anywhere in the world.

Completely scalable and accredited by iRAP, data on vehicle volumes and speed can be collected for a single road or an entire Country.

Interested in more urban areas instead?

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Ordering Global Roads data from us is really easy. Simply make a request and we'll confirm the roads or area before processing and quality checking your data.

  • Choose how you want to view the data
  • Let us know which roads or area you'd like the data for
  • We process the satellite imagery
  • We send you the data in your preferred format

View sample data

View a sample dashboard produced for the African Road Safety Observatory.

The data identifies roads with the highest traffic volume and calculates speeds.

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Not for commercial use

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Global Roads or its data that isn't answered in the FAQs below, please contact us to discuss your data needs.
1Can I choose roads in different areas?
When ordering Global Roads data, all roads will need to be connected in a contiguous web. If you need to look at roads in unconnected areas then contact us for a quote.
2Can I do before and after analysis
Yes, although you will need to double the data and select the two time periods that you want to investigate.
3Can I evaluate a scheme even though I don't have any baseline data?
Global Roads data isn't the ideal solution for an evaluation, but if you have no other data then it's a starting point. You can go back and establish baseline data in a separate report.
4Can I download the data for offline analysis?
Yes, in addition to the interactive map, we will also provide you with outputs in a CSV and GeoJSON format for analysis in spreadsheets and GIS tools.
5What countries do you cover?
We can provide data for any country, anywhere in the world.

Indicative pricing

The sky is the limit when it comes to how much data you can request.

The more data you buy, the cheaper it becomes.


per 50km


Investigate a length of road or route in a neighbourhood or local area.

  • Single webmap Report
  • 5 x image sampling
  • Road or Route

per 10,000km


Ideal when you want to view an entire network across the whole of a city, area or country.

  • Single webmap Report
  • 5 x image sampling
  • £1.94/km

Request a quote for Global Roads data using the form here.

If you're looking for different data need help with a report or are looking to do an evaluation study, you can contact us via phone or email to discuss your data needs.