Measuring success of schemes and interventions

Specialist areas

We are able to offer a number of different evaluation services for different sectors across the globe using our specialist knowledge.


Measuring the impact of safety schemes in the community such as ULEZ, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and 20mph.


Demonstrating the effectiveness of interventions against aims and objectives.

Questionnaire design

Designing effective questionnaires using established quantitative and qualitative measures.

Focus Groups

Exploring themes amongst a target group to provide insight into a specific issue.

Did you know we also do research?

Why evaluate?

Evaluation is an essential part of the design and delivery of safety schemes. Good quality evidence of why a scheme is successful is essential for ensuring continuation. With strong evaluation results, practitioners can convince stakeholders why a scheme should be delivered and funded.

It not only allows the examination of the efficacy of schemes and interventions but also how it can be improved to better meet the objectives. It can also demonstrate whether there are any additional benefits to the intervention as well as ensuring that the intervention does not do any harm or have unexpected negative consequences.

An independent, impartial evaluation lends weight to arguments about value for money and whether an intervention should continue, should be adapted or should be ceased.

  • Do no harm
  • Measure impact and value for money
  • Identify Improvements

Client success stories

Agilysis has a strong team with a range of evaluation skills, from design selection and objective setting, through to behaviour change technique coding. Our experts work with clients to ensure that the most appropriate design and methods are employed. This provides a high degree of flexibility and means that evaluations can be tailored to the scheme’s needs.

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