Workshops for Road Safety Professionals


Workshops for Road Safety Professionals

October 11, 2017

Over 100 road safety professionals attended out free workshops on 'Effective Use of Data' and 'Behaviour Change'

Delegates from 60 organisations attended at a choice of 5 locations across England and Wales. The workshops held in Leeds, Milton Keynes, London, Cardiff and Bristol saw people coming together to talk about best practice, common themes and current work and were well attended, lively and well received.

A big thanks to all that came along. Rather than a formal evaluation where we have asked delegates for a few words on what they thought of the day. Getting people to fill in forms and rate different parts of the day seemed a bit analytical (ironically)

If you attended please do feel free to let us know what you thought of the venue, format, topics, opportunity to speak to other in the profession, or indeed anything else. We will keep your comments confidential so won’t attribute anything to you directly

We hope to share the feedback with you all soon

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