Presentation to CIHT Road Safety Panel on Predictive Analysis


Presentation to CIHT Road Safety Panel on Predictive Analysis

January 24, 2018

Today our CEO Richard Owen provided a presentation to the CIHT Road Safety Panel on ‘measuring and predicting road risk’.  This topic is of significant interest at the moment and was also presented just before Christmas at the DfT.

Topics covered included:

  • Evidencing risk: What traditional methods and data sources are used in the UK and abroad at present?
  • Visualising risk: Effective methods for communicating road risk to stakeholders and the public
  • Risk relationships: What factors influence collision rates?
  • Confounding variables: Taking account of Trend and RTM in evaluating collision reduction
  • Real-time prediction: Can big data tell us when a crash is about to happen?
  • Data science: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications in road safety

So much of the future of road safety could be based on expanding the available datasets but we need to study and understand the complex relationships before we can harness the power of these new techniques.


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