Scottish Safety Camera Programme – Site Selection Criteria Workshop


Scottish Safety Camera Programme – Site Selection Criteria Workshop

June 18, 2018

As a part of the project to review site selection criteria in Scotland, Agilysis are today hosting a workshop in Glasgow for road safety stakeholders.  The event is designed to offer a series of facilitated discussions looking at data requirements, previous experience and other considerations to enable a greater understanding of the limitations of the existing system.

A significant part of the day is the publication of the literature review and background research carried out by Tanya Fosdick which looked into the evidence from around the UK and overseas on effective deployment of enforcement resources.  As well as this summary there were also discussions around the philosophical approaches used in different countries using Australia and Sweden as the two main examples.  Different approaches may be required for different types of offender, although covert enforcement was not an option considered.

Richard Owen led discussions around improving the site selection criteria themselves, taking into account a longer site history, weighting collisions according to severity, attaching greater significance to collisions involving vulnerable road users.  Finally he discussed the problems of creating a robust but complicated strategy versus one that was simpler to understand and implement.

The event was well attended with varying views and opinions from the participants and their input will be used to shape the next stage of the process which is testing various models in order to find a solution that can be adopted formally later in the year.

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