New RSGB Analysts’ Network


New RSGB Analysts’ Network

November 22, 2020

New RSGB Analysts’ Network

Road Safety GB and Agilysis are pleased to announce an enhanced package of support for professionals who analyse road safety information as a part of their work. Whether it’s reviewing the latest collision trends, looking at the impact of new schemes, or learning how to evaluate effectiveness; the Road Safety GB Analysts Network provides advice and support.

The programme, which is supported by a grant from the Department for Transport, has been running for five years and includes the annual ‘Joining the Dots’ conference. Next year’s event will again take place in March but will move to an interactive, online environment featuring live Q&A sessions, workshops and opportunities to network with fellow professionals. The event will take place over two days this year with a final date announced in the coming weeks. Key themes for the conference will include the impact of COVID-19 on road safety, and a focus on mode shift towards cycling and walking.

The conference is just one of the elements being provided with continued support available year-round through the Analysts Network online forums, hosted on Slack. This, together with facilitated regional user groups and the successful Champions Network combine to offer a host of opportunities for collaboration and problem-solving.

A new micro-site has been launched which provides more information on the service and has a facility to allow professionals to register for the various elements. Please click here to visit the site

The RSGB Champions Network itself got back underway last month with the first meeting this year which was very well-attended (virtually) by representatives from different regions and sectors. Forthcoming meetings will focus attention on content for the annual conference, feedback from regional events, and the results of specific research topics.

The first open events this year will take place in December with a series of five webinars reflecting on this year’s thematic inspection of roads policing conducted by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS), and specifically the recommendation on analysis and evaluation. These webinars will look at partnership working including the relationship between enforcement and education and includes examples of best practice within police forces and partnerships. It will also include the results of a survey currently underway which is asking police forces and partnerships to reflect on their current analytical capabilities.

Anyone interested in taking part can register on the website with meeting invitations sent out later in the month.

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