PACTS Constituency Road Safety Dashboard Updated


PACTS Constituency Road Safety Dashboard Updated

December 6, 2021

PACTS and Agilysis Constituency Road Safety Dashboard Update

A new analysis of road casualties in 2020 has been published highlighting the risks posed to vulnerable road users by motor vehicles. The data has been published for every constituency in Great Britain by The Parliamentary Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), and is available to view through an interactive online map.

Although road deaths reduced in total in 2020, the number of cyclists killed on the roads increased by 41%, partly due to an increase in the increase in popularity of cycling. The headlines from the analysis show:

  • The biggest increase* was seen in Stroud where cyclists casualties more than doubled from an average of 14 per year in 2015-2019, to 32 in 2020.
  • The greatest number of cyclist casualties (274) was in the Cities of London and Westminster, despite significant falls compared to previous years.
  • In single-vehicle crashes, cars remain the biggest threat with 2729 cyclists killed or seriously injured in these types of collisions in 2020.

Members of the public as well as MPs can now access the data for their constituency online:
The full dataset allows for analysis of other vulnerable road user groups such as pedestrians and motorcyclists and includes a digital map showing the locations of these incidents.

*Of constituencies where there was an annual average of at least 10 cyclists casualties in the 2015-2019 comparison period

The PACTS/Agilysis Constituency Road Safety Dashboard provides unique information about all reported casualties and the other vehicles involved for each GB parliamentary constituency. With clear tables, maps and graphics, users can filter for particular information. It has been constructed by Agilysis for PACTS and is designed to assist MP’s. It is available online, free to everybody.

Conventional reports focus on casualty numbers, based on injured road user. Few show the other vehicle involved in the crash (the conflicting vehicle). This is even more important now as the percentage of those injured on the roads who are classed as vulnerable road users (those who aren’t vehicle occupants) is increasing and the government is promoting active travel. The new Dashboard is therefore a unique insight constituency into the road danger, particularly for pedestrians, pedal cyclists and motorcyclists. 

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