The Enabling Environment


The Enabling Environment

August 8, 2022

The Enabling Environment

As with many colleagues, we are frustrated by the speed of progress in addressing a key social policy area and left wondering why, in this age of rapid technological transformation, the UK has been slow to deliver advancements. In this brief Think Piece, Agilysis chairman, Dan Campsall, explores the qualities of an Enabling Enviroment. 

The challenges presented in this piece are not exclusive to transport safety and the suggested remedies have wider application as well. They are, however, worthy of consideration if we want to create the dynamic, data driven, multi-sectoral work that embraces technology and serves to ‘crowd in’ expertise and innovation to improve road safety.

The Safe System view recognises the importance of ‘Shared Responsibility’ and integrated responses. This means we have to be more ambitious about bringing policy makers, sectoral leaders, data scientists, vehicle technologists, design engineers, behavioural scientists, communications professionals, organisational psychologists and many others together, but that requires someone to set the agenda and create the space for a more engaging interdisciplinary dialogue.

The Enabling Environment is a discussion about the quality of the space we need to create.


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