Speed Compliance Tool gets major update


Speed Compliance Tool gets major update

December 8, 2022

Major update to speed compliance tool just launched

In this latest update, we are introducing some brand-new features which have been most requested by our customers.

As well has having a new and improved user interface to streamline your analysis, SCT now includes a figure for both all day average and all day 85th percentile speeds. This is in addition to the 6 other filters for time of day already available.

For the first time we will be including a Safety Performance Indicator (SPI) for speed, which calculates the percentage of vehicles traveling within the speed limit along any section on the network using both the speed data, and the modelled traffic flow.

The final addition to the Speed Compliance tool is the inclusion of a number and percentage of vehicles that are above ACPO guidelines.

Independent analysis undertaken by customers of the speed compliance tool has demonstrated that the speeds recording from the connected vehicle data used in the tool, match those from their own ATC datapoints to a high degree of accuracy. The confidence in the vehicle data has allowed them to reduce the number of physical surveys required, leading to a significant cost saving.

With the speed compliance tool, users can see average vehicle speeds in seconds to make judgements on the appropriate next steps, whether that is a simple response stating that there is no significant issue, a requirement for further investigation, or escalation as a part of a speed management strategy.

Customers often find this helpful when responding to speeding complaints from members of the public, as it can provide data for a near instant response and in many cases without the need for a survey, saving both time and resource.

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