Air Quality Boost for Pioneering Active Travel Data Platform


Air Quality Boost for Pioneering Active Travel Data Platform

February 8, 2023

Air Quality Boost for Active Streets Assessment Tool

In the week when Active Travel England announced another £200m fund for Active Travel, Agilysis have updated the Active Streets Assessment Tool with even more data that ever before.

Since we launched our KTP with Aston University we have been exploring ways in which we can join up data on active and sustainable mode choice, along with safety and air quality data. Now, for the first time, we have dropped data on seven common pollutants into our award-winning Active Streets Assessment Tool so that transport planners, and highway engineers can view all this data in one place.

The Active Streets Assessment Tool, which we developed in 2020, is built on a data warehouse that carries over 182m data points to help make decisions about where to prioritise investment in travel for pedestrians, cyclists and other active modes.

Last year, ASAT was shortlisted as Product of the Year at the Highways Awards and since then we have continued to develop the underlying data.

ASAT provides quick and easy access to vital data on traffic speeds, flow, network geometry, perceptions of safety and commuting choices all on one easy to navigate tool.

With pre-defined filters that help with planning schemes that are LTN 1/20 compliant, your authority is likely to benefit if looking to invest in schemes funded through Active Travel England

Even gathering simple data likely traffic speeds, carriageway widths or traffic flow can be a stumbling block, requiring you to put out surveys, if you don’t have access to data already collected, analysed and snapped to your road network. ASAT has all of this built in.

And of course, if you baseline your decisions using ASAT data, you will be able to evaluate them further down the line using data that is consistently collected and presented, saving valuable time, cost and resource.

With Government funding looking to ensure that authorities are selecting schemes wisely, data and evidence has never been more important and ASAT will help not only with scheme justification, but also monitoring and evaluation in the future.


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