MAST Unveils Comprehensive Update for Enhanced Analysis


MAST Unveils Comprehensive Update for Enhanced Analysis

November 24, 2023

MAST Unveils Comprehensive Update for Enhanced Analysis

MAST, the pioneering tool for road safety professionals, has just released its latest update, marking a significant milestone in providing state-of-the-art capabilities for analysing collisions and casualties on road networks. Since its initial launch in 2010, MAST has been an invaluable asset for professionals in the field, and the latest enhancements further solidify its position as an indispensable tool.


Enhanced Socio Demographic Classification

In response to invaluable user feedback and a commitment to continuous improvement, we are proud to announce a groundbreaking update in approach to socio-demographic profiling. The latest enhancement sees MAST transitioning from its previous reliance on Experian’s Mosaic to embracing the more detailed and versatile Acorn tool by CACI.

Understanding the crucial role socio-demographic data plays in comprehensive analysis, we've diligently addressed two key limitations identified through user feedback:

Enhanced Geographic Precision:

Acorn data can be exposed at a lower geographic level than Mosaic. Because of this, MAST users will be able to profile residents of Small Areas individually, rather than being limited to profiling on the entire population of authority areas only, as was the case with Mosaic. This shift provides a sharper community focus, enabling more intelligence-led planning for localized campaigns.

Customised Profiles

Our Acorn licence gives us free rein to exploit the hundreds of individual metrics associated with each Type to develop detailed summary profiles, customised to the needs of road safety stakeholders. The static Mosaic Type profiles did not contain many variables of direct relevance to road safety issues, which limited their utility. With Acorn, users now have full access to customised profiles designed by the Agilysis Research Team to maximise the power of your profiles to deliver relevant insight.

"We've listened carefully to our users and identified opportunities for significant improvement. The adoption of Acorn is a testament to our dedication to providing the road safety community with the most advanced and user-friendly tools for analysis," said Bruce Walton, Technical Director at Agilysis.

This update reinforces MAST's position as a trailblazer in the field of road safety analysis, delivering tangible benefits to users who rely on the platform for informed decision-making. Full details and examples of these new profiles can be found in the MAST wiki.

Full 2022 data update

All instances of MAST have been updated to include the latest 2022 STATS19 data release.

The update extends across all MAST platforms, including MAST DataMods and MAST Professional, ensuring that users across the spectrum have access to the most up-to-date information. Key improvements encompass the integration of the latest geographies (covering all local authorities as at 2022), ensuring precision, and the incorporation of updates for severity adjustments, detailed severity (where collected by police forces), residency, and rurality, enhancing the depth and accuracy of analysis.

Notably, Contributory Factor data has received a comprehensive update for all MAST Professional users, aligning seamlessly with the latest dataset for a more nuanced understanding of factors contributing to collisions.

A groundbreaking addition to this update is the inclusion of 2022 data for Collision Dynamics. Following the Road Safety Foundation methodology utilized in EuroRAP, this feature provides users with a detailed breakdown of collision-involved vehicles based on impact types. Covering the period from 2019 to 2022, this data will continue to be enriched in future updates, ensuring a robust and evolving tool for users.

Anticipating the holiday season, full updates for MAST Scotland and MAST Kent users are on track for delivery by Christmas, further fortifying our commitment to timely and comprehensive data provision.

New Features

In this latest update we have also added a series of new and enhanced features to streamline your analysis.

A novel filter has been introduced for strategic network provision, enabling users to swiftly pinpoint crash locations on both the National Highways network and the Transport for London road network. This enhancement ensures a more focused and efficient analysis of critical areas.

In response to the groundbreaking work by PACTS in their recent report 'Who hit Who,' MAST now incorporates a single casualty dimension filter. This feature significantly improves accessibility, allowing users to identify crucial information immediately without the need to navigate through multiple dimensions. It's a game-changer in simplifying the analysis process.

Stay tuned for forthcoming updates, including a comprehensive range of MAST Headliners. These additions are set to provide even more informative snapshots of critical data points, enriching the analytical experience.

Additionally, MAST users can look forward to the inclusion of the ability to index the new Acorn data at a more localized Small Area level. This upcoming feature will further enhance the granularity of analysis, providing users with a more detailed understanding of socio-demographic patterns.

MAST continues to be at the forefront of road safety analysis, providing professionals with the tools they need to make informed decisions and enhance overall safety on our roadways.

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