Agilysis commissioned to develop Vision Zero strategy for Transport for Greater Manchester


Agilysis commissioned to develop Vision Zero strategy for Transport for Greater Manchester

June 9, 2023

Agilysis commissioned to develop Vision Zero strategy for Transport for Greater Manchester

Shortly after the announcement that Agilysis is working with the Welsh Assembly on developing their new road safety strategy based on the Safe System approach, we can now announce that we are also working with Transport for Greater Manchester to develop their new Vision Zero road safety strategy.

The strategy will draw on best practice from other cities around the world and across the UK with Vision Zero strategies in place, including Stockholm, Oslo, London, and Bristol. It will build on Agilysis’ experience providing the same support for other regional and road safety partnerships in the UK.

Greater Manchester’s Vision Zero plan will also build on the existing work of the city-region’s Road Danger Reduction Advisory Group and Greater Manchester Police, which has already been bolstering operations to keep people safe when they are using the region’s transport and highways network. 

Transport Commissioner Vernon Everitt said: “Commitment to Vision Zero in cities and regions across the UK and overseas has resulted in a significant reduction in death and serious injury on the roads. 

We look forward to the outcome of the work by our road danger reduction experts to see the potential for similarly positive outcomes in Greater Manchester, building on the work already undertaken by districts, TfGM, the police and other partners.”  

Following a four-phase process, Agilysis together with Iain Temperton from Traject, will identify and engage with key stakeholders, including Greater Manchester Police and other emergency services, with a view to consulting with members of the public next year. 

As in our previous work, each of these phases will follow our methodology to maintaining the Safe System approach to strategy, beginning with a partner consultation phase, involving all relevant stakeholders to understand existing policies, interventions, and governance arrangements. The strategy creation itself will bring together our expertise in collision analysis, predictive modelling for targets and performance indicators, and understanding of best practice interventions to deliver an implementation plan for the next decade. To help TfGM with implementation, we offer workshops and training to aid in the practical adoption of the strategy.

Commenting on the project, Research Director at Agilysis, Tanya Fosdick said: “We are delighted to be working with TfGM on this important next step towards their commitment to a Vision Zero goal. Building on international evidence, we will provide a template for practice that will allow them to achieve their ambition.”

Vision Zero is the next step in Greater Manchester’s mission to reduce the number of deaths or serious injuries caused on the city-region’s roads, and in turn make it a safer, healthier, and more sustainable place for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists.

By taking decisive action, around 3,800 unnecessary deaths and serious injuries could be prevented by 2040.  

Active Travel Commissioner Dame Sarah Storey said on Monday [5th June]: “Any death or serious injury on our roads is one too many, and these collisions are already devastating people’s lives. 

Back in November I launched a refreshed mission for Greater Manchester's active travel programme and within that I recommended the region adopt Vision Zero.  

“Today's announcement is the first step on making that a reality and I hope the work that now follows will pave the way in making everyone feel safe when they take to the roads, whether that be in a car, on foot or on a bike. 

“Getting it right will require a collective effort and commitment by everyone, which is why I am delighted to have Agilysis on board as we start our journey today.”  

As well as stamping out serious injuries and deaths on Greater Manchester’s roads, Vision Zero will help tackle the impact on the emergency services and the cost to public finances, with the potential to save the city-region’s economy more than £4.5billion over the next 20 years. 


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